by Ste van Holm

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released December 14, 2007



all rights reserved


Ste van Holm Copenhagen, Denmark

Ste van Holm (born Stefan Holm, 1977) is a Danish musician and composer living in North
Sealand, Denmark.

He started playing guitar at the age of 13 years combining it with an interest in writing songs and
producing music. His inspiration came from British rock acts and composers of the 70s like Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Genesis and lead singer Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno and King Crimson.
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Track Name: Drown
Once again I find myself
in a situation where I
simply do not understand
what's going on

I'm not sure that I can tell
right from wrong
I'm not sure I can tell
your kisses from mourn

I used to have a dream
about a maze without light
my feet were stuck in quicksand
I was haunted every night

Then I went out of bed
like if it was made of nails
slipped into my worn out shoes
and slipped away

the fear gets me down
it drags me down to drown
Track Name: Flotsam & Jetsam
Pale edge of land
stretch into the distance
as far as I can see
Tide rise
and reveal all
what the sand had tried to
bury away

Broken boxes
scattering the ground
caressing water
splinters all around

Past has
sung of shipwreck
I stand on the pier and
cling to the land
Famous are the last words
raining down from the sky
a hesitating roar

by the waves
a body washed ashore
I looked away
bewildered to the core
and the wind began to howl at me
I saw something that I should've never seen
Now I'm all
lost for words
like the dead

And the face I'm looking into
is the face of someone I knew
I am me and what I see is me
I am me and what I see is me

And the face I'm looking into
is the face of someone I knew
I am me and what I see is me
Track Name: The Apparition
Some might see this as a sign
some might see this as a miracle
Some might see this as a sign
A sign that we should be prepared
for the worries that may come
Can our deed be made undone?

Seeing things that isn't there
Sorrow floating through the air
A premonition of despair
Broken hopes and no repair

In restless dreams it walks alone
It is a shadow on it own
And some might see this as a sign
Some will see this as a sign
Track Name: Kite
The grass here is brittle
The soil is hard
The wind is like razors
The sky is all dark

the boreas
Pitch black

The water is moving
Downwards in slow motion
Like world war 2 searchlights
The cars driving by

And just then

No words can describe it
The sight that we see
No camera lenses
Can capture the glimpses


Track Name: Three Red Frames
Open your eyes
before you is a script
made up of lies
look and you'll see
a thousand words
a perfect history
what could it be?
just fragments of
a disturbed plan that's
forced on to you

and you may wonder
if you're going to
or wither and fade

Man lies and dream
of thornless roses
bend to suit his scull
handshakes with kings
and neckties tied
so tight to fit his mood
but then he wakes
the pen is in his hand
but there's no words
his manifesto
of ghosts walking through Europe
is no more
it's gone by the west

hence economy
and petro chemistry
makes all he can see

I am keen to clean the mess
blow it all away
Mr. Fawkes will rise again
this time make the day
Won't be caught red handed when
all the guardians come
to the cell in the cellar
where I'll beat the drum
Sweet sound of november
tear apart the air

one makes a villan
ten a psycopat
one makes a villan
ten a psycopat
one makes a villan
ten a psycopat
a million makes a hero
a nation makes you God
one makes a villan
ten a psycopat

So it will seem
That death only mean
Figures on a screen
That flickers on wall street
Itís unacceptable
To neglect a deathtoll
Like that
Track Name: Maleficence
We passionate
are stigmatic now
Our pierced wrists
our holy bow

In sacred names
passing on the rite
with bow and cross
we set out to fight

A sacrifice
for us to see
a hysteric move
making history

An eagle flies
out to care
Whatís just and fair

A city forged
By men of belief
A kingdom ruled
By a thief

An eagle flies
out to care
justice and fair

And freedom
Donít you know
it's for your own good
this freedom
we have to fight
for you

well what do you do when your friends
starts to do what you fear in your enemies
some might tell them to sod it
we chose to follow blindly
we trust in our friends

Is an ideology
Suspended by

Donít you know
That we are right
to fight for you
we have to fight you
Track Name: Plastination
What kind of creature am I?
so still and stripped
tell me
tell me what I am
just another lifeless life that's spend

I've been here
I've been here
I've been here so long now
I've been here

And time has passed me by
Dream me gone
Forget me still


Keep your eyes nailed on me
till I am no more
Keep your eyes
Keep them nailed on me
till I am no more
till I am no more
till I am no more
Keep your eyes
Keep your eyes
Keep your eyes
On me

Track Name: Termination
Out out
Candle you burned so bright
You lead me
Into this night

I am
Kneeling before your bed
Your hand but itís dead now

Soft words
Please let the candles light
An embering sight

Out out
Outnumbered by the days
Of all the years youíve lived
And all you embrace

I saw you there
With your eyes so closed
I still remember when you
Had your life ahead

Where have
All the hours gone
moments that you choose
the last one is drawn
Track Name: The Noise
Your time is precious
I won't take much
I just want to
feel the touch
Of a human being
else than me
I am as lonely
as I can be

The city is hazy
and so am I
Things looks so different
through these eyes of mine
Far in the distance
The bridges burn
A fearsome lesson
I had to learn

And I'm going
to have a world of my own
A world where I'm not
so alone

Look at those faces
All pale and grey
They look so familiar
But they're still so strange
And I want to touch them
But here I stay
It's so much easier
just to run away

And I'm going
to have a world of my own
A world where this
darkness and haze
isn't out of place
Take me to
the oppsite bay
Boatman set your sail